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Discovering Budapest

Category : Intercanvi · by Abr 15th, 2024
On Friday morning we were working on the Erasmus + project, we ate in the dining room of the hightschool and in the afternoon we went to a hill to see the views of the city and after that we went to the Gellért Baths, where we enjoyed hot springs inside and Outside, although there were some that only open in summer, we were also able to enter to a big variety of saunas with different temperatures. When we left the baths we went with our Hungarian couples to the fashion street, where we could see the city illuminated, many shops and what I liked most was trying a typical sweet called kürtőskalács.
Sunday was a family day and my and my Hungarian family went with other familys who also participate in the exchange, went to visit a very beautiful lake called Balaton where in summer people swim in it, because they don’t have beach.
We crossed that lake by ferry to visit the town of Tihany, which is famous for the labanda.
later we went to eat at a typical Hungarian restaurant where I ate Goulash, a very typical Hungarian meat soup with some vegetables. After that we went home and spent the night playing board games and talking.
These were two of the 6 days we were in Budapest, in which I could know the food and famous places of this beautiful city.
Text: student Sandra Pérez

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