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Daily life in Budapest

Category : Intercanvi · by Abr 15th, 2024
We arrived here in Budapest last Thursday. We were tired because the Valencian Boys were coming from fallas so we were very tired. The next day we went to school to find out how Hungarian educational systems work. After lunch we went for a walk all together with their respective partners. After that walk, the Hungarian group invited us to a thermal bath, which is one of the most famous places of the whole city of Budapest. On the Next day we went to Esztergom, one of the main sites of the country. The 32 students from both groups made activities there and had lunch together in a Restaurant and went to Slovakia that was next to the place . Then we came back on the train and we went for a walk or to do things with our partner. Next day It was the off day, when we can do whatever we want with our partner. Mines and I went with a lot of people from both groups to Balaton Lake, 1 hour approximately from Budapest. It was a great day visiting the largest lake in central Europe. On Monday, our Hungarian partners didn’t go with us because they’ve got to attend their classes. We went to visit the parliament and San Esteban’s cathedral that was who entered for Hungarian people the Christhianism. Also we’ve visit a lot of the city and enjoyed walking on the center.
On Tuesday, the Spanish group we went to see the castle of Budapest and see the church and more things that where close to them. Then we went to have lunch in school and we went to a big hill to try typical hungarian desserts, that actually, where really good. In the evening we went to one house and we stay there for the last night. In the last day we went to a museum that explains the horrors of the Holocaust and Sovietic Communists and then we arrive to the airport at 1pm. We take the flight and we arrive to Valencia again.
Text: student Quique González

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