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Erasmus: The best experience.

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The Erasmus + Project is a great opportunity to learn about the life.

The students must discover the world. Indeed, we often focus on books, or homework and exams. We forget that everything around us is important. And what happens beyond our borders too.

At first, I had some doubts: I didn’t know whether to sign up the form. Now I don’t regret it at all. It was the best decision! I chose Budapest (Hungary) because I thought it would be very different from Valencia.

My partner came first, and I had to be a good host. I helped him adjust to our way of life. Everything was different for him: language, schedules, customs, etc. But we managed to understand each other, and he had a good time in Valencia.

Then, I travelled to Budapest. So, I had to be flexible too, and I understood that it is not easy. But it is an exciting challenge. Besides the trip, the excursions and visiting a new country, this experience has enriched me as a person and as a European citizen.

We should all try to learn about other cultures. In this way we would be more tolerant and understanding. The world is not the personal vision we have of it. The world is the place where millions of people feel, study, work, cry, laugh, etc. We are obliged to understand each other and live together in peace. We must open our minds to diversity.

Erasmus+ has taught me all this and much more.

My Hungarian family

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I am going to talk about the differences between a Hungarian family and a Spanish family, what caught my attention the most was the places to live, especially if you lived in the center they were buildings and if it was in towns they were houses, that is rarely seen in Spain since everything is buildings, even in the nearby towns.

They also like animals a lot, almost all families have at least one, however in Spain, when you live in buildings, many do not let you have animals, in general there are not many differences between families since the customs are very precise even down to meal times and dinners.

Personally, the family I was in was a super good family, they were the mother, the brother and my exchange girl, they treated me great, they gave me my privacy and there was no problem, I was very comfortable, my family lived in a super nice town although to get to the city it was 1 hour by public transport.

I have had colleagues who have not been so comfortable with the family or the family has not welcomed them so well but in general we were all very comfortable, since the customs are very similar.

The food issue was not a problem either, we tried typical food from there and almost all of us liked it a lot, they were mainly typical soups.

Now I’m going to talk about each member of the family, starting with the mother, a lovely, super kind and hard-working woman, she treated me great, she didn’t speak much English but she tried to do it with me.

I didn’t speak much with my older brother, he didn’t speak much English either since he explained to me that at school they could choose between learning English or German and he chose German but he spoke English quite well.

And lastly, my exchange girl, a super happy girl, helped me with everything and always made me smile. I think I have been very lucky with her, and that I would do the exchange again just because of the good times with her.

Text: student Lucía Badía


Culture shock in Budapest

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For a week we have been able to enjoy the culture and customs of Hungary through an exchange with students from Budapest.

It all started after two flights in a row, the first from Valencia to Frankfurt Germany and the second from Frankfurt to Budapest. Then we met our Hungarians again. As soon as we left the airport, I met his family and they introduced themselves, shaking hands with both men and women.

While the Hungarians were in Spain we were able to see the close relationship they have with the teachers, they are also more independent, freer and in the institute we have been to they have a very open mind.

Another difference that I have noticed has been the amount of sugary drinks they drink at meals, dinners, even between meals. If they drink water, the vast majority prefer it to be carbonated. There are many more types of chocolates, snacks, chips, and especially drinks.

We have also been able to observe how, unlike Valencia, Budapest is much cleaner, both the streets and the establishments, as well as the entire network of subways, buses and trams.

Lastly, mention that almost all the students lived very far from the institute.

To conclude, I would like to say that it has been a fantastic trip, we have visited many incredible places, everyone has been very generous with us.

Hungary is a fascinating destination with a rich history and delicious cuisine. During the exchange we were able to learn about daily life in this country. The trip has been an unforgettable experience.

Text: student Alicia Garrido

My Hungarian family

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During my stay in Budapest (Hungary), I stayed in the house of a half-Hungarian family. The family was made up of my partner ERASMUS, his mother, his stepfather, his little sister and two dogs (one big and one small). In his house, I think he dominated the Italian culture a little more than the Hungarian one since his mother is Italian and in his house there were many Italian customs: like having pasta for dinner, not eating dinner too early (in the other families they had dinner earlier), he They put cheese on everything. As for Hungarian customs, none of them caught my attention.
Changing the subject, in the week that I have been at their house I have felt very comfortable, the language has not been a difficulty in being able to communicate since everyone knew English and they were all very nice and they welcomed me with great hospitality, we had breakfast and dinner almost every day together.
The routine that existed in that house was when everyone woke up, had breakfast together and then everyone went to where they were supposed to, the sister went to school and the parents went to work and I went with my Hungarian classmate to school, then I came back in the afternoon for dinner around 8 and we all had dinner together and when we finished dinner we played a board game, the little sister went to sleep and I stayed talking with the family and then I went to sleep.
The relationship I had with my ERASUMS classmate was very good, he always made sure that we were all well and comfortable.
Finally, the Hungarian family that I had were super nice and the dogs were super good and I had a great time during my stay in Budapest.
Text: student Javier Beltrán


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Living in Budapest for one week was a great experience doe to I had the oportunity to spend the week with two different families.
The first two days, I stayed with my friend Spanish friend’s hungarian family’s house. It seemed the typical american house. I met her mom, she was so lovely and sweet with us  since we arrived at the airport and that made me feel really well because I was nervuos before  meeting them.
At home I felt like I was with someone that I knew since I was young. They always talked to us, played games with us and that made us feel confortable. The best moments for us were the musical concerts we had  in the car while driving on the way home. On Saturday, finally I met my family. My host mom, my hungarian went with us to have dinner. We enjoyed the typical food from Hungary and we loved it.
My hungarian family was a huge family, they were four sisters, three brothers and my partner. And then if we count the pets, they have 3 horses, 2 cats and 2 dogs that were so nicely. The experience with the brothers and sisters was a little extrange because they were not always there so I couldn’t see them a lot and when I saw them they didn’t talk too much to me. Every day I met one sibling more, it was crazy.
My host mom only speaks a little English and in spite of that she tried every day to give me conversation. When I came back from school she always gave me some souvenirs from budapest and the village where they lived, she is so sweet. I loved her like a second mom.
I forgot to talk about my partner, since I met her in Valencia we matched so fast and here was the best moment when we spend time together. She is lovely, beautiful, sweet and nicely and I think the teachers do it well when they put us together.
Being there is a new experience and maybe you are scared to go to another contry without knwing anyone but you should try it. Maybe you find a new sister like me when I found Bora.
Text: student Diana Sánchez

Daily life in Budapest

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We arrived here in Budapest last Thursday. We were tired because the Valencian Boys were coming from fallas so we were very tired. The next day we went to school to find out how Hungarian educational systems work. After lunch we went for a walk all together with their respective partners. After that walk, the Hungarian group invited us to a thermal bath, which is one of the most famous places of the whole city of Budapest. On the Next day we went to Esztergom, one of the main sites of the country. The 32 students from both groups made activities there and had lunch together in a Restaurant and went to Slovakia that was next to the place . Then we came back on the train and we went for a walk or to do things with our partner. Next day It was the off day, when we can do whatever we want with our partner. Mines and I went with a lot of people from both groups to Balaton Lake, 1 hour approximately from Budapest. It was a great day visiting the largest lake in central Europe. On Monday, our Hungarian partners didn’t go with us because they’ve got to attend their classes. We went to visit the parliament and San Esteban’s cathedral that was who entered for Hungarian people the Christhianism. Also we’ve visit a lot of the city and enjoyed walking on the center.
On Tuesday, the Spanish group we went to see the castle of Budapest and see the church and more things that where close to them. Then we went to have lunch in school and we went to a big hill to try typical hungarian desserts, that actually, where really good. In the evening we went to one house and we stay there for the last night. In the last day we went to a museum that explains the horrors of the Holocaust and Sovietic Communists and then we arrive to the airport at 1pm. We take the flight and we arrive to Valencia again.
Text: student Quique González

Discovering Budapest

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On Friday morning we were working on the Erasmus + project, we ate in the dining room of the hightschool and in the afternoon we went to a hill to see the views of the city and after that we went to the Gellért Baths, where we enjoyed hot springs inside and Outside, although there were some that only open in summer, we were also able to enter to a big variety of saunas with different temperatures. When we left the baths we went with our Hungarian couples to the fashion street, where we could see the city illuminated, many shops and what I liked most was trying a typical sweet called kürtőskalács.
Sunday was a family day and my and my Hungarian family went with other familys who also participate in the exchange, went to visit a very beautiful lake called Balaton where in summer people swim in it, because they don’t have beach.
We crossed that lake by ferry to visit the town of Tihany, which is famous for the labanda.
later we went to eat at a typical Hungarian restaurant where I ate Goulash, a very typical Hungarian meat soup with some vegetables. After that we went home and spent the night playing board games and talking.
These were two of the 6 days we were in Budapest, in which I could know the food and famous places of this beautiful city.
Text: student Sandra Pérez

Sightseeing in Budapest

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During this exchange program🇪🇺 in Budapest🇭🇺 we have done, have visited and have tasted a lot of things. Since how are the houses, the traditional desserts and how the public transport works.

This new experience started the Wednesday 21st of March, when we have the Falla’s hangover. We flew🛫 to Frankfurt, when we ran to arrive to the next plane that bring us to Budapest. When we arrived, the families were waiting us. That night, I dinnered fried chicken with a salad with potatoes, onions and mayonnaise that was delicious. After a good dinner, a good sleep until 6 am when the sun comes.

The next day, Friday 22nd, we were with our partner at the high school on the project, that day we had to do a poster in groups about the differences in Valencia and Budapest. In the afternoon we tasted the Kürtőskalács, a traditional dessert. Then we relaxed🧖 at Gélleret Bath, a very old thermal Turkish bath.

The third day, we went by train to Esztergom, a city in the border with Hungary and Slovaquia. In the afternoon I was in a big shopping centre with my partner and his friends.

On Sunday, we went to a village at the border of Balaton Lake called Tihany. The village was so beautiful and there are a lot of shops of lavender.

On Monday 25th, we visited the Budapest Parlament, a beautiful and giant building next to the Danube. In the afternoon, we went to Aquaworld, an aquatic park with slides, jacuzzis and saunas.

The day before the last one, we were in the castle of Buda🏰, the First Minister residence. After had lunch at the school cantine,we went to Normafa Park🌳, the highest place of Budapest, where the teachers invited to a rétes, an other typical dessert of Hungary.

To finish our trip, on Wednesday, we were at the Terror House, a museum abou how Hungarians lived the holocaust and the comunism. At the end we returned to the school ti say goodbye and go to the airport to return to «la terreta» the best place over the Earth 🌎.

To finish this article, I want to say that it was a very exciting experience that I’m not going to forget in my live.

Thank you very much and see you ❤️

Text: student Jose Ortolá

Art in KURT school in Budapest

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In this private school in Budapest, it stands out the art instead on our Spanish school in Valencia.

We can find so many interesting pictures from different characters from movies, series, memes, etc, in every wall in this building.
This fact it should be able in every school, because it gives them personality and incites the young people to do interesting drawings and expand their skills and imagination.
A problem that I see with this program, is that depending in which school it’s implemented, it would have a positive way or not.
Maybe in our school would be negative, because the behavior of some of the students, would make some problematic drawings.

Instead in conclusion, this fact it’s interesting and gives the students the freedom to draw or do whenever they want, but only would be positive on the schools that their students have a good behaviour and use this art to make look the school a better place.

Text: student David Escribano

Descubriendo el Danubio

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Hoy me gustaría compartir la inolvidable experiencia que hemos vivido recientemente en Budapest. Como profesoras de idiomas, siempre buscamos oportunidades para enriquecer el aprendizaje de nuestros alumnos más allá de las aulas, y este intercambio lingüístico ha sido una de esas oportunidades mágicas.

Imaginad: dos profesoras y dieciséis alumnos ilusionados explorando las calles adoquinadas de Budapest, sumergiéndonos en la rica historia y cultura de esta fascinante ciudad. Desde los majestuosos edificios del Parlamento hasta los pintorescos puentes que cruzan el Danubio, cada rincón nos regalaba una nueva lección de vida.

Pero no todo ha sido fácil. Nos enfrentamos a algunos desafíos lingüísticos divertidos, como cuando intentamos pronunciar palabras húngaras con nuestras pronunciación española. ¡Fue todo un espectáculo ver a nuestros alumnos intentando comunicarse con los lugareños con una mezcla de inglés y húngaro!

El choque cultural también nos tomó por sorpresa en más de una ocasión. Descubrimos que las costumbres y tradiciones húngaras eran diferentes a las nuestras, pero en lugar de sentirnos fuera de lugar, nos sumergimos en la experiencia con mente abierta y corazón curioso.

Y qué decir de las familias anfitrionas. Recibieron a los alumnos con los brazos abiertos y les hicieron sentir como en casa desde el primer momento. Sus cálidas sonrisas y su generosa hospitalidad les ha enseñado la verdadera esencia de la amabilidad y la amistad.

Al final de nuestro viaje, regresamos a casa con la maleta llena de recuerdos preciosos y la mente abierta a nuevas perspectivas. Este intercambio lingüístico no solo nos ha permitido mejorar nuestras habilidades lingüísticas, sino que también nos ha enseñado la importancia de la empatía, la tolerancia y la amistad en un mundo cada vez más conectado.

Recordemos siempre que, a través del intercambio cultural y lingüístico, podemos derribar barreras y construir puentes hacia un futuro más inclusivo y comprensivo. ¡Hasta la próxima aventura!