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Sightseeing in Budapest

Category : Intercanvi · by Abr 15th, 2024
During this exchange program🇪🇺 in Budapest🇭🇺 we have done, have visited and have tasted a lot of things. Since how are the houses, the traditional desserts and how the public transport works.

This new experience started the Wednesday 21st of March, when we have the Falla’s hangover. We flew🛫 to Frankfurt, when we ran to arrive to the next plane that bring us to Budapest. When we arrived, the families were waiting us. That night, I dinnered fried chicken with a salad with potatoes, onions and mayonnaise that was delicious. After a good dinner, a good sleep until 6 am when the sun comes.

The next day, Friday 22nd, we were with our partner at the high school on the project, that day we had to do a poster in groups about the differences in Valencia and Budapest. In the afternoon we tasted the Kürtőskalács, a traditional dessert. Then we relaxed🧖 at Gélleret Bath, a very old thermal Turkish bath.

The third day, we went by train to Esztergom, a city in the border with Hungary and Slovaquia. In the afternoon I was in a big shopping centre with my partner and his friends.

On Sunday, we went to a village at the border of Balaton Lake called Tihany. The village was so beautiful and there are a lot of shops of lavender.

On Monday 25th, we visited the Budapest Parlament, a beautiful and giant building next to the Danube. In the afternoon, we went to Aquaworld, an aquatic park with slides, jacuzzis and saunas.

The day before the last one, we were in the castle of Buda🏰, the First Minister residence. After had lunch at the school cantine,we went to Normafa Park🌳, the highest place of Budapest, where the teachers invited to a rétes, an other typical dessert of Hungary.

To finish our trip, on Wednesday, we were at the Terror House, a museum abou how Hungarians lived the holocaust and the comunism. At the end we returned to the school ti say goodbye and go to the airport to return to «la terreta» the best place over the Earth 🌎.

To finish this article, I want to say that it was a very exciting experience that I’m not going to forget in my live.

Thank you very much and see you ❤️

Text: student Jose Ortolá


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