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Sports in a small Hungarian school

Category : Intercanvi · by Abr 19th, 2024

In Budapest, the Hungarians had the gym inside the school. It was small, but it had many things to do, in addition to having a basketball and soccer court outside. Next to the gym, there was a room for physical education equipment where they had many balls, rackets, and all kinds of necessary material. One day, while we were doing an activity, I went down with some friends and my Hungarian friend to the physical education class, and they were playing volleyball. The teacher let us join, and the whole class was participating. My Hungarian friend’s name was Arisz, and he explained to me that football wasn’t very good there and that he liked basketball more, as he had been playing since he was five years old. So we played basketball, and he’s the best basketball player I’ve seen. But since we’ve barely been at the school and the little time we were there, I could only see how they played volleyball, this is the only thing I can tell. I had a great time with Arisz, and I would go on Erasmus again because it’s a 10/10 experience.


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