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My Hungarian family

Category : Intercanvi · by Abr 15th, 2024
During my stay in Budapest (Hungary), I stayed in the house of a half-Hungarian family. The family was made up of my partner ERASMUS, his mother, his stepfather, his little sister and two dogs (one big and one small). In his house, I think he dominated the Italian culture a little more than the Hungarian one since his mother is Italian and in his house there were many Italian customs: like having pasta for dinner, not eating dinner too early (in the other families they had dinner earlier), he They put cheese on everything. As for Hungarian customs, none of them caught my attention.
Changing the subject, in the week that I have been at their house I have felt very comfortable, the language has not been a difficulty in being able to communicate since everyone knew English and they were all very nice and they welcomed me with great hospitality, we had breakfast and dinner almost every day together.
The routine that existed in that house was when everyone woke up, had breakfast together and then everyone went to where they were supposed to, the sister went to school and the parents went to work and I went with my Hungarian classmate to school, then I came back in the afternoon for dinner around 8 and we all had dinner together and when we finished dinner we played a board game, the little sister went to sleep and I stayed talking with the family and then I went to sleep.
The relationship I had with my ERASUMS classmate was very good, he always made sure that we were all well and comfortable.
Finally, the Hungarian family that I had were super nice and the dogs were super good and I had a great time during my stay in Budapest.
Text: student Javier Beltrán

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