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My Hungarian family

Category : Intercanvi · by Abr 15th, 2024

I am going to talk about the differences between a Hungarian family and a Spanish family, what caught my attention the most was the places to live, especially if you lived in the center they were buildings and if it was in towns they were houses, that is rarely seen in Spain since everything is buildings, even in the nearby towns.

They also like animals a lot, almost all families have at least one, however in Spain, when you live in buildings, many do not let you have animals, in general there are not many differences between families since the customs are very precise even down to meal times and dinners.

Personally, the family I was in was a super good family, they were the mother, the brother and my exchange girl, they treated me great, they gave me my privacy and there was no problem, I was very comfortable, my family lived in a super nice town although to get to the city it was 1 hour by public transport.

I have had colleagues who have not been so comfortable with the family or the family has not welcomed them so well but in general we were all very comfortable, since the customs are very similar.

The food issue was not a problem either, we tried typical food from there and almost all of us liked it a lot, they were mainly typical soups.

Now I’m going to talk about each member of the family, starting with the mother, a lovely, super kind and hard-working woman, she treated me great, she didn’t speak much English but she tried to do it with me.

I didn’t speak much with my older brother, he didn’t speak much English either since he explained to me that at school they could choose between learning English or German and he chose German but he spoke English quite well.

And lastly, my exchange girl, a super happy girl, helped me with everything and always made me smile. I think I have been very lucky with her, and that I would do the exchange again just because of the good times with her.

Text: student Lucía Badía



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