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Art in KURT school in Budapest

Category : Intercanvi · by Abr 15th, 2024

In this private school in Budapest, it stands out the art instead on our Spanish school in Valencia.

We can find so many interesting pictures from different characters from movies, series, memes, etc, in every wall in this building.
This fact it should be able in every school, because it gives them personality and incites the young people to do interesting drawings and expand their skills and imagination.
A problem that I see with this program, is that depending in which school it’s implemented, it would have a positive way or not.
Maybe in our school would be negative, because the behavior of some of the students, would make some problematic drawings.

Instead in conclusion, this fact it’s interesting and gives the students the freedom to draw or do whenever they want, but only would be positive on the schools that their students have a good behaviour and use this art to make look the school a better place.

Text: student David Escribano


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