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Job Shadowing IES Serpis Valencia 2022

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 April 4 – 8, 2022, first Erasmus project, first visit to Spain… 

The program in which we participated brought us closer to the Spanish educational system through classroom observation activities, through discussions with the deputy principal, with the members of the guidance department, with the teachers, with the students. The program was a dense, varied one, meant to show us a part of the quality education promoted by IES Serpis. 

What I noticed and was a source of inspiration for me was the interdisciplinary approach of the activities I participated in, their practical nature, as well as the use of technology. I especially liked the Docent information system that teachers use not only for grading (for this we have a similar application), but also for the systematic observation of students’ behavior during classes, which gives the evaluation an important formative dimension. 

I saw interesting combinations of activities (technology in French, Biology and Mathematics, History and English), attractive lessons (English for university, oral French, Chemistry, Literature), I participated in a colloquium with students and Professor Josep Martinez on teaching philosophy in both countries, I learned how to mentor students to pedagogical practice. I talked to Victor Romero about how the Convivencia department works. With Marta Laporta, the coordinator of the guidance department, we exchanged information regarding the academic orientation of students and the strategies aimed at the integration, mediation, inclusion of students in schools in Spain and Romania. 

Virginia Pla, the deputy director of the high school, kindly provided us with information about the organization of the educational system at IES Serpis, about the activities organized in the high school, having the opportunity to see the similarities and differences between our educational systems. She also spoke passionately about the concern for the study of classical languages ​​and gave us the privilege of participating in a remarkable event such as the Greek-Latin Theater Festival in Sagunto. Despite the severe cold, the atmosphere warmed up due to the enthusiasm, joy and overflowing energy of the teenagers present at the festival. 

If I were to summarize the experience of Valencia in a few words, in addition to the beauty and lively and colorful atmosphere of the city, I would mention the warmth, friendly attitude and willingness of people to share with others.

„Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore” („I hope the memory of our friendship will last forever”– Cicero.  

Cristina Romandaș 


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