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Dear colleagues,IMG_1373

Last summer I had the opportunity of getting a grant from the Erasmus +KA1 from our school. It consisted of a two-week language course in Dublin.

I was excited not only because the perspective of becoming a student, a learner, for two weeks seemed really interesting, but also because the academy  was in the city of Dublin,  where I decided to go to learn English at the age of 17.

For us, English teachers, it is always a pleasure to be able to refresh our English, especially for those like me , who were not able to enjoy an Erasmus grant in our years at university, simply because they didn’t exist at that time. Thus, we had to pay big sums of money to be able to attend an adequate language course abroad.

The experience has been fantastic. Dublin has changed for the better since the last time I was there as a student but the people are as friendly and hospitable as ever.

Thanks to thisErasmus + grant, I have been able to “update” my English, to improve and refresh my knowledge of the language, but also to share opinions and experiences with other teachers and students who were in my class.

So, whenever you get the chance, do not hesitate and make the most of it, just as I did.


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